april update notes


Welcome to the April 2010 Update Notes. This month brings the much anticipated feature of Advanced Pets. 
Players have the opportunity to hatch customized pets from millions of potential combinations. The Advanced Pet system will bring a new dimension of interaction within Wizard101 as players can race their pets in the expansive Pet Derby, participate in new pet-themed minigames, feed and train them, and use them as allies in magic duels. Players will be able to level their pets from an egg to epic beings with incredible powers.

Advanced Pets

Wizard101 Character Have you had a chance to visit the new Pet Pavilion just off the Ravenwood Commons? 
Everyone can participate, however you must be at least level 7 to enter the Pet Pavilion. If you are at least level 7 please talk to Merle Ambrose for more information.

The Pet Pavilion is a wondrous place where pets can be trained, hatched, and can even raced against each other. Pets are capable of an amazing variety of tasks. The Pet Pavilion is the ideal place to learn about them! 


Hatching your Pet

Hatching Pets

When you get a pet it will be an egg. You will need to wait for it to hatch before you can equip it. You can see how long you have to wait for a pet to hatch by moving your mouse over its name in your backpack.

After your pet egg hatches it will be a Baby pet. It can gain experience to increase its rank to Teen, Adult, Ancient and Epic.

Your pet gains experience from playing pet training games in the Pet Pavilion. The Pet Pavilion can be found through a tunnel from the Wizard City Commons, close to Prospector Zeke.

You can play the four pet training games by using the minigame sigils around the Pet Pavilion: Pet Cannon Game, Pet Maze Game, Pet Drop Game, and Pet Dance Game.

You need Energy to play pet training games. The Energy globe is next to your Health and Mana globes. You can also see your Energy by pressing C to look at your character in the Spellbook.
Creating New Pets
Wizards can combine two of their existing Adult Pets to create a new egg!

Wizard101 Character In the Hatchery, Doctor Purreau is an expert in pet hatching. Speak to him and he’ll explain the astonishing ways your pets can grow and change. 

Your pet must be an Adult before it can participate in Hatching.

Below are screenshots and descriptions of the process.
Double Click the picture to expand the image.
Click the large picture to make the image smaller again.

  This is the Hatchery, where pets can hatch new pet eggs. It's a remarkable process! Simply stand on the sigil near the Hatcher and choose two adult pets you'd like to use.

  If two Wizards want to collaborate, both must stand on the sigil. Each can contribute a single adult pet. When you're ready, press the 'Hatch' button. Voila! A new egg. If two Wizards work together, they'll hatch two identical eggs.

  The egg will take the appearance of one of the original pets, but the Traits & Powers will mix and match. Which pet and which traits...who can say? Once the egg has hatched, your new pet is just a baby, and needs to be trained and fed.

  You can train your pet with the minigames offered in the Pet Pavilion. As you train your pet, it grows older and will develop new Derby Talents and Pet Powers.
  Your pet's Pedigree Score represents its upper potential which is how rare and powerful the Talents and Powers are that it can manifest. The higher its Pedigree, the better. The second number represents how much of your pet's Pedigree it has already manifested.

Training your Pet

Your pet gains experience from playing pet training games in the Pet Pavilion. 

Training your Pets

You need Energy to play pet training games. The Energy globe is next to your Health and Mana globes. You can also see your Energy by pressing C to look at your character in the Spellbook.

Your Energy governs how often you may train your pet. It returns over time, but if you need more Energy and cannot abide, you may purchase an Energy Elixir from the Crown Shop. If you don't train your pet, it won't grow up, so it's very important to pay attention to your pet and train it as much as you can. 

  You can play the four pet training games by using the minigame sigils around the Pet Pavilion:
  1. Pet Cannon Game
  2. Pet Maze Game
  3. Pet Drop Game
  4. Pet Dance Game

Repeat the arrow sequence from the screen bottom. Each round the sequence gets longer. The game ends after 5 rounds or 3 failures.

Use your arrow keys to repeat the sequence of dance step arrows.

Pick a food and guide your pet to catch as much as it can before time runs out. Avoid falling dangers and try for bonus items!

Use your arrow keys to move your pet back and forth from side to side.

Fire your pet at the target, adjusting direction, angle and power. Bypass obstacles and adjust for wind speed to keep on target.

Control direction and angle with your arrow keys. Adjust the cannon power with the power gauge. Use the Space bar or Fire button to shoot.

Lead your pet through the maze, avoid the ghosts and collect as much food as you can before time runs out.

Use your arrow keys and mouse to guide your pet through the maze.

Feeding your Pets

Feeding your Pet

The West Ende Girls will teach you about feeding your pet.

At the end of each pet training game, you can feed your pet a snack. 

You can buy snacks from the snack shops or buy a recipe and craft them. Recipes for snacks can be found on Recipe Vendors throughout the Spiral. 

Snacks increase your pet’s statistics and make them increase in rank faster. You will receive a message about your pets approval of the snack; "Your pet ate this snack.", "Your pet likes this snack." or "Your pet loves this snack." but only 'liking' or 'loving' a snack will result in a power gain for your pet. 

Once you have fed your pet, you can play the game again by pressing the 'Play Again' button. 


Pet Derby!

The Pet Derby!
Once your pet has become a teen, it can participate in the Pet Derby! All the work you've been doing with your pets in the Mini-games will help them in the Pet Derby. 

All pets in the Pet Derby race around a track for two laps, and must overcome and bypass obstacles to the best of their abilities. Pets can even create obstacles for other pets!

Your pet gains morale by overcoming obstacles. You can spend that morale to cheer your pet and make it go faster, so spend it wisely! Just like Player vs Player, there are two types of Pet Derbies, Practice and Ranked.
The Practice Pet Derby is a good way to learn the course and obstacles for each different track, and see which track is best suited for your pet. Practice Derby races are classed by Easy, Medium, Hard and Epic. You can create a new match, Quick Join a match that has already been created or choose the match you want to join and click the Join button.

In the Ranked Pet Derby, your pet will race against other pets, with prizes such as Arena Tickets or gold. The last place pet receives gold, while the other pets receive Arena Tickets.

Your pets Wins & Losses are measured on your character sheet, and your pet will gain ranking in the Pet Derby based on its performance.
Pets are matched with other pets of similar ages, and up to four pets can race at a time. You will see the crossed swords icon in the upper right corner of your screen when your pet is in the queue for a Pet Derby race. When the race is ready, you will see a screen appear that will allow you to go to the arena. 

Your pet can use its powers to gain advantages, or to cause problems for other pets in the race. 

Why should I run in the Derby?
The goal of the Pet Derby is to come in first, steering your pet past obstacles and using your pet's Derby Powers against other pets.

How do I race in the Derby?
This is a race! You must cheer your pet on to victory. Players should cheer to move faster in the race. Cheering costs morale and the morale cost varies by terrain type (i.e. Water, Clay, Grass, Dirt, and Cobblestone). All speed boosts are temporary increases to speed and will fade over time. To regain morale, go through jump and duck obstacles. Failing to jump/duck over an obstacle will remove a speed boost. Barriers reduce speed by a fixed value. Players cannot cheer in Mud, and it will slow you down over time. 

Use powers to effect other racers by dropping obstacles, effecting stats, debuffs and so forth. All powers have a cool down before they can be used again. Obstacles dropped through powers (i.e. barriers, oil slicks, etc.) are permanent additions to the track. 

Stars provide a number of effects depending on strength which include speed boosts and debuff immunities. 

Use the following keys on your keyboard to move in a Derby race.
Space – Jump/Duck
Up Arrow or W– Cheer
Left/Right Arrow or A/D – Lane Change
Down Arrow or S– Slow Down
Number Keys 1-4 – Activate Respective Power

Pet Statistics, Talents and Powers